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Author Topic - Help wanted.
Posted By:
23rd Mar 2014 8:32pm GMT

In search for my grandfather David Stout, I searched "Stout" but onely one hit. Is there other sites like this that have more data?

There must be many Stouts gravestones, why does I onely get one hit?

Geir Svoren

Posted By:
1st May 2014 8:22am GMT

Hi Gedden,  Stout is an unusual name do you have a village or town where he was born etc. easier to trace..................Ron.

Posted By:
1st May 2014 12:18pm GMT

Hi GeirIn the whole of Scotland between the years, 1618 & 1806 four David Stout's were born. Between 1856 & 2012 twenty-four David Stout's were born. Altogether, twenty-eight from the years, 1618 till 2012 resided here in Bonnie ScotlandMany, many more with other christian names graced our fair shores thru/out the above years.................Ron. is a privately owned website with no affiliation to any Local Councils.