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Forum - Comments - Helen Pearson nee Murphy 1916-1936

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Author Topic - Helen Pearson nee Murphy 1916-1936
Posted By:
15th Oct 2015 12:21pm GMT

We are researching Helen Pearson for a friend.   She is her Grandmother, and where we have all her death details and family history we have had no luck in finding where she was buried.  We are quite experienced researchers having looked at up to 20 other families for various people including our own indepth family trees.  I only tell you this in order to say we have exhausted all our known contacts for such a search andhave very good results with everyting we have set out to find.


Helen died after complications after childbirth on Dec 4th 1936.   She had been admitted to Udston Hospital, Hamilton where she died.  We have tried to find her through Lanarkshire council but altough we gave them every piece of information they needed they could find no trace of her burial.  We have since contacted the Udston Hospital but they said the couldn't help us either.


We went to the NEC 'Who do you think you are' show this year to try agan but no one could find a trace of where she may have been buried.   We understad that Helen was Catholic and we didn't know wheter this would have any implecations on where she would be buried.......we have even been able to speak to some of her direct line relatives in Scotlad but the have no more idea of where she is than us.


We have been looking now scince 2011 and altough we have formed a good family tree for her, we have been unable to find the only item she  really wanted know.   We now have absoluely no other idea where to look for her, can anyone help us with this please?

Posted By:
30th Jan 2016 2:43pm GMT

Hello Brenda,  Just to clerify if this is the same person so I'll write a short description.   Joseph Pearson was her husband and served in the Cameronians, a Scottish Regiment as a Rifleman. They resided at 90 Muir Street Hamilton and Helen ws 20 years old when she passed away at Udston Hospital at 4hr 45ms on the morning of the 4th of December 1936. Her baby's name was named after his father, Joseph. If the above info: tallies with what you know Helen, then I do have further info: of which will help...................Ron.



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