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Famous Scots - Peter Ferguson

Peter Ferguson (1801-1885) was one of the leaders of the Temperance Movement. He was ‘missionary’ to the Gorbals Total Abstinence Society but is remembered mainly as the founder of the Band of Hope Union in Glasgow which was formed in November, 1870. The Band of Hope specialised in presenting the message of Temperance as emotionally as possible in the hope of swaying the young towards total abstinence.

The message of Temperance was broadcast through the use of song, stories and illustrations which were full of images of starving families and weeping women and repentant deathbed scenes. At many of their concerts and soirees, their songs and lantern lectures were accompanied by cakes and soft drinks which proved particularly attractive to their young target audience.

They provided Christmas treats and Sunday picnics, often held in halls and cold dark streets where cakes and treats were rare.

The objective of the Temperance Movement was the ‘absolute prohibition of the manufacture, importation and sale of all intoxicating liquors to be used as a beverage’. ‘Signing the Pledge’ may have helped to save many an individual and family from a lot of unhappiness.

Peter was an elder at Renfield Street Free Church (now British Homes Stores) and in later life became known as Father Ferguson. He died by result of an accident and was called to the heavenly host at the ripe old age of 84.

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Cemetery: Sothern Necropolis

  Caledonia Road

Town: Glasgow

Region: Glasgow and Clyde Valley

Country: Scotland


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