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Forum - Help - 9 tips for writing an essay about yourself and getting an A

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Author Topic - 9 tips for writing an essay about yourself and getting an A
Posted By:
22nd Jan 2023 11:24am GMT
Whether you're in school or college, there will be plenty of academic essays that you'll face along the way, and every student knows that writing these essays can be a real challenge. A challenge that can be quite difficult to overcome.
While there can be many writing-related problems that students face, including plagiarism, tight deadlines, lack of writing skills, and more, there is one challenge that seems to be the biggest. Speaking of academic papers and essays, in particular, the most difficult type of such assignment is a personal essay.
No matter how easy it may seem at first glance, writing an essay about yourself is difficult for many reasons. But it will be much easier and stress-free if you are aware of some important tips and tricks. is a privately owned website with no affiliation to any Local Councils.